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We have developed a more sustainable, deeper-reaching model and want to create a movement in which communities themselves have the capacity to lead collaborative change.

Drawing upon our toolbox of experience four generation, countless community engagement processes, and more than 1000+ acres of areas, K Prakash and company is committed to turning underutilized (or in some cases, high-crime) neighborhood spots into vibrant spaces that build social capital and to bring safety, a sense of identity, art, and opportunities for celebrations.

How it Works

K Prakash and company infuses knowledge into local organizations so they can continue Pomegranate Center’s collaborative process for the benefit of their community. We train interested individuals in Pomegranate Center methods of community engagement with the goal that they become leaders of future community events and projects. This relationship can also include together creating significant gathering places and projects in 4-5 months and with a lean budget.


We take the traditional community planning process and turn it upside down, breaking every detail into simple, accessible, practical explanations and applications. Teamwork and collaboration are essential ingredients of the Pomegranate Method. This process becomes richer when students of all ages, at various levels in their careers participate. Pomegranate Center presents an alternative design process that is transparent and integrated.
• Our approach nurtures collective creativity by inviting many viewpoints
• We value the heritage of a place and a community’s history
• Together we know more; no one person (expert, novice, or otherwise) should stand alone
• Blending various skills and expertise creates a reinforced network of solutions
• We inspire people to imagine new solutions that are good for the whole community
• We combine deep listening with creative thinking so all ideas have potential to become innovative solutions